Friday, 10 December 2010

Eco Print

After seeing some more beautiful eco prints on facebook, I decided to give it a go.
I had dyed earlier on some silk scarves with lichen and I used 2 of them for the prints. 2 days ago I grabbed some silver dollar gum leaves on a walk, today I picked some kangaroo paw flowers and collected flax flowers, which were dropped on the ground.
The first scarf, which I previously tryed to print with lichen which looked not so good:
the layout on the first scarf

detail of the layout, gum leaves, kangaroo paw flowers and flax flowers
rolling up

finished bundle

The second scarf, silk chiffon, resist dyed with lichen using an old cd

the scarf after the resist dyeing

I added only gum leaves

the finished bundle

both bundles in snaplock bags

resting on the window sill
I used only vinegar as mordant and now I just need to be patient ....
We will see the result in some weeks (if I can resist the urge to open the bundles...)