Saturday, 22 December 2012

Roses and Delphiniums

will be on the next wallhanging. I just distributed some of the flowers on the background felt to get an impression:

I need lots more of green leaves, but I should have enough blue flowers already made. I will also make more roses, but this time the background is almost too good to cover it up completely because

Monika my daughter did some lovely freehand motion stitching on it, I love it! She used a beautiful multicoloured thread and the bottom looks almost like pebbles at a river

Somehow I want to have this partly visible. Well lots to think about and to try out.

Beside of this I am working on a crochet top for my daughter Andrea, which I'll try to finish until Christmas, might not work out completely, but it is on a good way. I love to crochet and I have still several tops left which I made, when I was a member of Origin. I will probably undo some of them again, if I cannot find anybody for it. I have given away lots of things already, but there are still 5 more boxes with tops and sox, knitted and felted scarves, vessels, slippers, fingerless mittens and and and..... Would be lovely at least to get something back for the material. Well, can't help and the old car is still here too and nobody wants it. It runs still very well and was valued quite high. I don't think that I will ever sell a car privately again, I will not sell a car again anyway. The new car Alex bougth will be our last car.

I am very pleased that my angels found a new home, they are now for sale at Hot Ginger, a local gallery, which I like very much. It is so inspiring and colourful there!