Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Jellyfish experiment

Finally I am back to serious working after playing and experimenting for months.
I have seen recently a Youtube video by Yulia Badian showing how to make a jellyfish and it made me to try it out. I bought a little pack of Leicester locks years ago at a Creative Fibre area meeting from Helen Kinsella and thought I could use some of it for that. So I laid them out in a circle as the instruction said and covered the middle with a thin layer of white wool. I don't know which wool it is, some of my stash. I try to remember if I bought some more Lincoln in Germany, it behaves a bit like that.

I laid  a pattern with some linen yarn in

and then sprinkeled some soapy water on after covering in a net and started rubbing

it felted quite quickly and was stuck to the net already when I started to pull that off

then I rolled it briefly in bubble wrap

and found out after opening that the locks started to felt together. Hmm that what not was I wanted and I tried to pull them apart a bit. Then I just rubbed the middle to shrink it a bit and in the end after rinsing I put it on top of a ballon for drying.

Billy the cat looks a bit skeptical. We will see who everything is after drying and what I can do with it. I have to work more with locks to find out how to use them and not get them felted to themselves too much.