Saturday, 25 January 2014

a colourful top

Almost a year ago I bought some fabric from Spotlight, used a pattern I already had and cut it. Well and then I got distracted, made all sorts of stichting on felt and forgot about my top.
But today I dug it out, checked it

and tataaaaaaa!    -   the finished top 

and it fits perfectly 

I love the patterns from Atelier Hardy in Germany, they fit me very well.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Happy New Year

Already January 10, I hope everybody enjoyed Christmas and the New Year celebration.
I spent my time with lots of cleaning and reorganizing the house. Its an ongoing challenge to have a functioning living space and a functioning workshop. But at the moment there is no reason to do much felting, I have boxes full of things and it is not sell-able here. People don't have money for buying art, a friend who is a great felter is now dyeing cheesecloth in bright colors, just cuts holes in for the arms and is selling it cheap at the Artisan market ($23) and has great success. The tops will not last longer than 3-4 washes but they are bright and cheap and people are mad about it and she can make a living.
Well that's not my way, so it will be hard to make a living. And I really would like to make a bit a living from my work without lowering my standards. Well I guess that's what lots of artist would like to achieve and the most don't.
New Year - new challenge