Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunny Sunday

and we made a trip to Mahinepua Beach. On the way we picked up some chips at the Matauri Bay Top Shop and then had lunch at the beach!

What else does one need .............  :)

Friday, 22 March 2013

Baby Surprise Jacket

is the name of the pattern I am knitting at the moment. In fact it is not the baby but the child version of the famous Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern

I bought some lovely wool last year in Germany, it's Zauberball Staerke 6 from Schoppel Wolle in 'durch die Blume' and I am knitting this jacket for Storm. I bought 2 balls and how it looks it will be enough to finish the jacket.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

2 entry forms

did I fill out today for sending off tomorrow.
I've decided to send 'Remember last Summer' to Porirua for the Creative Fibre National exhibition I have mixed feelings about, not sure if it is good enough from the execution. I'll just give it a try.
And then did I receive an invitation from Riversdale Arts Southland to exhibit at their 40th annual exhibition in July riversdale arts.
I am very surprised by this invitation and I wonder how they discovered me. I feel privileged and I will happily send some work. I am thinking about to send  'Remember last Summer' after the exhibition in Porirua in April. Then I will send 'Spring', which is at the moment in Justimagine Gallery in Russell. The gallery closes in Winter, so I can take the wallhanging out for the exhibition. And of course I am working on some more new things. I am working on a'weedy' wallhanging at the moment, which will show some of our Northland beautiful and very invasive pests, the beauty in the beast. And I want to revamp my 'Seven Sisters' I made for Matariki some years ago.
And last but not least there is another exhibition coming up also in July, the Creative Fibre Northland exhibition. The theme is 'Hundertwasser inspiring ewe'. I like this theme very much, but at the moment I still don't know what to make. It doesn't help that we leave 2nd of June for our yearly 3-month stay in Europe. I guess I have to speed up a bit.
I have lots of experimental things in my mind. I was going to try out how to knit with wire on the knitting machine. Now I am a proud owner of a little floor loom since last Friday, I am so happy about that!  It makes me think about weaving again and of course some experimental weaving.
Exiting times!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Remember last Summer

is the title of the finished wallhanging

I added more flowers than I wanted first, but now I am happy with the balance. And of course I also added 'drops' again. Here are some details

This wallhanging took a long time, but it was a good learning process. I like the emboidered background very much. It was not planed first, so I have some difficulties with the finishing. It has 'wobbly' edges, which I will try to rescue with some binding, thanks for the tip, Monika! I don't want to put a backing fabric on, the stitching is too nice for that. It was a great experience to work together and combine felting and quilting techniques.