Saturday, 14 May 2011


Almost a month is gone since I wrote here, time is flying.

I took on some commission work which seems to become a little nightmare. People like my ruffly scarves, I brought years ago yarn from Germany and knitted them. I cannot get the yarn here, so I am now trying to produce it on the knitting machine, which works very well for only one colour. But of course my special customer wants it in 2 colours, which slows the process down very much, because I am intarsia knitting for this. I haven't found any other way yet to make it look good. I tried to knit the 2 colours separately and then sew them together, that is worse than the intarsia knitting. I might try out a circular linker to knit it together, lets see how this works.
the 2 colours, black and grey

Intarsia carriage

weight - I count how often it reaches the floor,
that needs to happen about 80 - 100 times to get in the end a good sized scarf

thats how it looks knitted


Beside of this I am not very well at all at the moment. I am emotionally very run down, too much stress (bitchiness) is going on in the coop and I feel very lonely.  I am slowly recovering from a very bad cold, which lasted almost 4 weeks now. Well winter is coming soon, the weatherforecast for tomorrow promises for the southern parts of NZ snow and wintery temperatures and we will have more rain, as we had the last weeks. It seems we will get a very wet winter. So better hide inside. We try to have the fire going most of the time. It is mainly because of the humidity in the house, to get the level a bit down.