Thursday, 24 October 2013

Inspired by Hundertwasser

This year's theme for the Creative Fibre Northland Exhibition was 'Hundertwasser inspiring Ewe'.
I'd never got round to do something for the exhibition because I was much too busy with other things.
But recently we had our 'Felters of the North' meeting and by seeing some of the work others had done I suddenly found some inspiration to do a little piece there. I brought only a small range of wool but managed to do a nice little piece 'Hundertwasser style'. It wasn't done after a painting, just by some memories in my head.
Finally I finished it the last days with some stitching and now it is drying/resting after pressing with the steam iron.

This is the back side. I used for all the stitching black thread in the bobbin.

And this is the front side.
I always used a matching thread for the stitching, but for the
 house I used black and gold for the rain drops.


Detail - a bit blurry, just to show how 3-dimensional it is.

I think I will either mount it on a canvas board, if I find the right size, or maybe put it on a strong cardboard.
I wonder if I should use some more 'glitz' for the rain drops, might try out something.