Saturday, 29 September 2012


Here are some shots from a first layout of the spring wallhanging.

it needs some more leaves, they are already in the making

clematis paniculata

including buds

and of course lilies
I have lots more of the clematis and the idea is, once I have established a 'bush' background have them  - attached to  vines - climbing up. The base is build by monstera leaves and the arum lilies, which flower so rich in spring, well more in winter, but they are still there. On the way down to the water near the Rewa Village grow lots of monsteras, they have flowers too at the moment.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Finally home

Every time we come home from a long trip overseas I say, I will not do that anymore. Not that I don't like to travel. But it is always so annoying to come home and find the house so changed. This time it is my room, which the housesitters turned over, where all my things are stored. It is quite a messy room, because I never have enough space, but I have some kind of strange order there and I know where my things are. I always prefer nobody touching this room and so I feel very upset. Things have obviously been removed and possibly stored outside under the carport, I found on top of the boxes leftovers of the plants which hang in the carport. Everything is just banged in very careless on top of each other. A nice example: my dyes which are partly dissolved stored are now under heaps of other things, well very easy that it falls over which might give an interesting colour result. I feel lost and don't know where to start and have no motivation to do so. I am sitting here surrounded by mould, very pleasant. How on earth can I finish the wallhangings?
Is it just me? I wouldn't dream to change peoples things around if I would housesit somewhere. My son-in-law said, well they probably needed the space for guests or so. So is this normal behaviour not to ask the owner first at least? It must be me, I am an dinosaur, an old grumpy women, who doesn't like to find her pillows mouldy and her art things touched.