Saturday, 22 March 2014

Trouble with the loom

I spent the last weeks getting used to the loom I had been given last year.

My friend suggested I should try to weave Krokbragd. She has already made several wall hangings and they look stunning. Because I was also given quite a lot of carpet wool I decided to weave a little rug.
I looked through my stash and found a cotton I thought would be suitable as warp

My friend came to help and she wound the warp and also threaded it. She did a brilliant job, I found only a small threading error, when I started the pattern.

I haven't woven for some years and never on a floor loom. So I read a lot how to tie the pedals, because this loom has a rising shed. But of course in the end the pattern was upside down, grrrr. So I started again and tied the pedals differently, but guess what now it looks like it is upside down again, hmmmm feeling a bit lost right now and fed up.
Besides the front beam has started to slip, doesn't hold the tension and the warp is not strong enough, I had already to fix a break. Looks like it wasn't a great idea to do a rug. But I am NOT giving up, will find the solution!