Friday, 10 December 2010

Eco Print

After seeing some more beautiful eco prints on facebook, I decided to give it a go.
I had dyed earlier on some silk scarves with lichen and I used 2 of them for the prints. 2 days ago I grabbed some silver dollar gum leaves on a walk, today I picked some kangaroo paw flowers and collected flax flowers, which were dropped on the ground.
The first scarf, which I previously tryed to print with lichen which looked not so good:
the layout on the first scarf

detail of the layout, gum leaves, kangaroo paw flowers and flax flowers
rolling up

finished bundle

The second scarf, silk chiffon, resist dyed with lichen using an old cd

the scarf after the resist dyeing

I added only gum leaves

the finished bundle

both bundles in snaplock bags

resting on the window sill
I used only vinegar as mordant and now I just need to be patient ....
We will see the result in some weeks (if I can resist the urge to open the bundles...)

Monday, 29 November 2010

South Hokianga Arts and Craft Fair

I went to visit Susanne at the Craft Fair at Waimamaku yesterday. It was such a beautiful perfect summer day and I enjoyed the 100 minutes drive very much. The road was almost empty in the morning and the Hokianga Harbour looked stunning. I haven't been on my own further than Omapere and it seemed endless until I finally reached Waimamaku, a tiny village near the Waipoua Forest. The landscape was breathtaking and I would have loved to stop to take photos, but I guess I still wouldn't have arrived ;) The fair was smaller than I expected, but with nice things.
Of course the lady with the Hokianga Hats was there:

 and a potter with seconds:

a couple with wooden toys:

a guy with wonderful wooden spoons:


flaxweaving ridiculous cheap:

a wonderful wooden horse which I  finally managed to catch on camera before it drove off:

and beside of some beaded  jewellery then of course the fibre girls:

all kind of felting, knitting, sewing made by Susanne, Anita, Dagmar
and another friend of Susanne which name I have forgotten

Susannes famous felted mats

wool dyed with silver dollar gum (eucalyptus)

Dagmars creations knitted on the knitting machine and hand dyed

more of Dagmars work and on the right a felted wall hanging Susanne made

more wool from Susannes sheep, some blended with possum

After packing up we all drove home to Susanne and Peters Farm, several 100 ha in the Hokianga with hills and rivers, paddocks, orchard and very remote, a dream :) We spend the rest of the afternoon with trying out 2 old brother knitting machines which somebody dropped off at Susannes place. Dagmar is the expert and she thought they were in a good condition beside of one carriage, which was too damaged.
Finally I went on my way home at 4.30. I stopped on top of the Hokiange at Omapere, because I was back to cellphone reception and received 2 txt. So I used the moment to catch some of the breathtaking views

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

felt a flower

laying out the wool

adding some different colour and I also like to use a coarser wool, which gives a different texture

wetting and felting

some rolling




Once the flower is dry I might add some pearls and a brooch back

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Well after the nice eco dyeing I managed to do some conventional reds

so much red is needed for the christmas stuff and I use also a lot for flowers

eco dyeing

A while ago I collected some lichen, which was just dropped from trees after a storm.

Today I boiled a small amount and dyed a habotai and a chiffon scarf. The habotai was just added to the simmering lichen

This white thing in the pot is a scarf with wet lichen on wrapped in plastic. I just added it to the pot to heat it a bit and it is now outside in the garden and I will just let it rest for some days. I wonder if I should remove the plastic.....


The colour is not very visible on the white chair, it looks brighter in reality, but maybe I should have used more lichen or left it longer in the pot. Well that is something to try out.

For the chiffon scarf I used a cd as resist

I am happy about the result and I am thinking about to alter it a bit, maybe do some sort of print inside the white circles. I might go for a walk to collect some gum leaves.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Patchwork felt

I made today my first sample of patchwork felt. After I made a prefelt Alex liked it so much, that I didn't cut it but but finished it. I might put it on a canvas for hanging

But the second one was then cut up and put on another layer

just after laying out

the finished sample

The colours are in reality a bit warmer, the flash does make it so sterile, sorry.
I will carry on tomorrow with stiching