Thursday, 24 November 2011


I've got the wonderful opportunity/challenge to do a big wall hanging for a great  house right at the water. It is a wonderful light house with lots of curves, which I like so much. It is filled with light and you can feel how carefully the owners have chosen every piece. Everything is just right, nothing overdone, very classy. I feel very happy to have met the owner, a great person, which knows what she wants but is open for everything. I think we could work together very well, her guidelines will stop me to get too enthusiastic and will keep me on track. I am very grateful for this challenge which will help me in my own development. And it will sharpen my sense for quality, my own home certainly needs more style. It is a bit embarrassing to do nice things for others and to live in a messy home myself.

Thursday, 17 November 2011


I finished 8 more angels and 3 birdies and finally sent a large parcel to another gallery yesterday: . The lady has rang me and was so excited about my birdies! Well I hope she can also sell them - my babies....

waiting for christmas

can we fly your dreams?

I am so grateful to Cornelia from Cornits Filzzauberschule to teach how to make angels. I am more and more developing my own style now and I have already in mind to develop them into fairies of some kind, fantasie people of Lord of the Rings or Avatar.... I would really love to meet her in person when I am in Germany. In fact I would love to meet a lot of european felters, their work is so inspiring!
I am taking part again in the adventskurs and now, that I am free - not bound to any coop, it is so much fun just to explore and experiment! All this surface enhancing was not my thing originally and it takes some time of course. But it teaches me patience and it calmes me, it is really pleasant.
I get also a lot of practical inspiration/advice from a friend here in NZ - Suse. She is so practical and has great ideas to minimize the effort when felting. They have a large farm and she works very hard, but still finds time for her craft work and she has always a good word for everybody.
Lots of plans in my mind, but first I have to sell the stock I have left, so many scarves.........

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

more birdies and more angels

After finishing some more angels yesterday and posting them today, I started working on some more birdies today. I had received an email from a gallery in New Plymouth asking  for my birdies. Finally somebody who likes them as much as I do hopefully. She was also interested in angels and keyrings. Good, I still have a lot of keyrings, but of course I will make more angels. They start to become characters too, thats good. I might change some to fairies, hmmm will see where it leads to ;)
Besides I want to do some funny things for the garden, still dreaming about a 'tree hugger"....