Wednesday, 16 April 2014

fun on the knitting machine

No, I haven't finished the rug yet. After lots of problems I finally managed to get it going ok. I had bad problems with the selvages, it was my own fault of course. I did not want to undo it  but widened it while weaving. It does look not very nice, but let's see how it looks when it is finished. But at the moment, it has to wait, because I discovered the knitting machine again and made already 2 garments, a third is at the moment on the machine half  finished.

This is the first top I made. It is very simple. I made 2 parts, the front part about 10 cm longer than the back, knitted side to side. Then the front was turned before sewing together, finished! No need for a pattern! The felted flower brooch is one I made years ago and it fits very well. I like to wear this!

And here is my second top, also my own pattern, which is not really a pattern.

This time it is straight knitted in two halves. I used 100 stitches for each half, I am a big girl....
While knitting the second half I attached already the first one always on the end of the row, so now sewing was required there.
This top can be made in so many variations, that's really fun!
The yarn I was using is a cotton/acrylic mix I bought long ago on Ebay in Germany. I used it already for a lot of things and there is still some left. I've got it in 6 colours, 3 in purple/pink shades, a white, a light blue and a black one.
With the white one I started today a 'waterfall cardigan' a pattern which was in Knitting Machine monthly November 2012. I saw recently several photos posted in the Machine Knitting Facebook Group and have to try this out. And what is already knitted lookes quite good. And the best, it is knitted in one piece and no sewing required!