Friday, 29 June 2012

some flower experiments

base for native clematis

needs more !

hmmm, they don't look like roses
first try, don't like it
that could be developed....

slightly better

getting closer

I am still not happy about the roses, will carry on trying out different things.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

lazy time

Almost 4 weeks have gone here in Germany and I am feeling so lazy. I haven't done much creative work at all.
It is a strange feeling to be back where I was living for so many years. So many things have changed. During the last 6 month 3 of the neighbours have died, 2 of the houses are sold and the whole neighbourhood is in a state of hibernation/grief. I am grieving too, lots of the plants in the garden I loved and which had lots of memories for me are gone too. Well it is a normal process I guess, when young ones take over old properties. They have different preferences and don't want what their parents had. But it would have been nice to wait, until I am gone too.
When I am here old memories always catch up and not all of them are good, though things fade in time. Depression is always flaring up, old habits want to catch up too. Life is so different here.
I promised to make 3 wall-hangings for the Just Imagine Gallery in Russell until October and now I am a bit stuck, I just cannot get going. At least I started to make clematis flowers, one of the wall-hangings has a spring theme. In spring you see the white flowers of the native clematis high up on top of the bush.

But of course, now I am here in Germany and don`t have the right feeling for that.

I see here fields with poppies and corn flowers, a patchwork pattern of different greens, dark conifer forests, and roses and more roses....
I want to learn to felt roses, roses are everywhere here and my mind is full of them. Wouldn't it be great to felt roses in a way, that you can imagine the soft fragrance! White and soft pink.....

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Morning walk in Neunkirchen

It was a week ago that we arrived in Germany after a long flight. The weather was nice the first day but then the New Zealand winter followed us with cold temperatures, rain and wind. What a nice surprise to wake up this morning with the sun shining in the bedroom! So we went for a lovely morning walk