Sunday, 7 July 2013


Another restless night and I am flicking through the past 60 years. Isn't it unbelievable how life has changed? All the new techniques which have been developed, quite a lot where thought to be Scifi and now they are reality. I am writing on a touch screen, my first writings were still on a slate board ! Our fingerprint can open a car and is incorporated in the passport. Cars drive quietly and I believe soon do it automatically.
And still isn't it the same smell of summer walking across the fields as it was when I was little? Thinking of all the people who came in my life and left, or did I come in their's? Tears in my eyes but not from sadness, just lots of memories. No regrets and no anger looking back. Everything happened how it happend and for a reason. And in the end there is always something good in everything.
Well off to the future, let's see what comes!