Sunday, 24 July 2011

another vessel

I made another vessel this morning. Base was muslin, covered with black merino. For decoration I added some sari recycled threads.

I was not careful enough when wetting the wool around the corners and had in the end to cut open some of the muslin inside to get the shape right. Well another excercise anyway :-)

Saturday, 23 July 2011


Although the weather is really bad today, we went for our favourite scenic drive around the Matauri Bay coast. That is always good and gives me some peace and inspiration.
big swell at te ngare bay

lots of sea weed

interesting pattern

love the driftwood

that would be a nice garden seat, just to heavy to carry

lots of kingfishers are around

thats too big too

what a structure and pattern

so shiny when its wet

thats definitely something to think about!

driving under the rainbow 

we are just there...

is there the end?

rain has stopped

and the sun makes the sea sparkle

I am very much into experimenting  again at the moment. I am fascinated by the combination of soft fibre and hard material like wood, pebbles, glas...

After felting a bowl in the morning

I experimented with driftwood. I wrapped some black merino around, didn't have anything else in black, folded a plastic shopping bag small to use as resist and the added more black and finally a thick layer of gotland batt. It took quite a while to make it shrink, but finally I've got this result

Now I will either add some felted seaweed of some felted pebbles, haven't decided yet.
But of course there is already more in my head, I am thinking  to felt around another slim driftwood, that it looks like this dead branches which have ear fungi growing on.
During the drive I was looking for our native clematis. It is too early that it flowers, but you never know. Even the wild peach trees have already some flowers on. But of course I couldn't see any. This are photos from some years ago

Well lots of ideas!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

more scarves

I did today some more nunoscarves. They are still drying, it takes a bit at the moment.

The grey one is not a nunoscarf, it is made of a merino/possum mix, the same wool I used for the gloves I did some days ago.

And again, the felt didn't shrink as much as it normally does. The possum fur seems to prevent this.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

more slippers

Of course I made some more slippers but forgot again to take a photo when they came out of the washing machine. The small ones have an owner already : Storm :)


I have an empty space at the shop which I want to fill so I made a wall hanging.

Now I have the problem, how to hang it. I don't want to do framing like a painting and certainly not behind glass. It still needs pressing and I wonder if I should do some enhancing with stitching/embroidery/beads.....
I guess I will just press it and hang it  very simple on wooden sticks.