Saturday, 31 January 2015

Market day

Today was another market day and I went back to the little corner stall from Novemver.
This time I took also some clothing, crocheted and machine knitted and they became quite popular. While there I've got some ideas for more things to wear. Why not combine crochet with sewing? I could imagine simple t shirts with added crochet lace, parts of back or sleeves replaced by it.
This weekend was originally reserved for a dyeing workshop in Auckland. But then Alex had a bowls tournament today so we decided to stay here and surprisingly I've got a call that a stall is available.  So everything worked out in the end. I am sorry for missing the workshop about genesis dyeing. But I am sure my friends will bring back lots of information and ideas. Looking forward to that!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Dyeing again

Some years ago I bought lovey hand dyed merino/silk mix at the Creative Fibre Exhibition in Kerikeri. Now I have most of it used and special the flowers seemed to be very popular.

So I tried to re-creative that by painting a lovely merino/silk from Tally-Ho

Because I wanted to do more poppies with merino/silk and the sliver is also almost gone,  I mixed some red too. It still looks quite ok when it was wet.

But now that it is dry

it is definitely more orange than poppy red. Well let's try again to make a more "poppy red" one and then I might mix them and it will look alright hopefully.