Tuesday, 20 December 2011


I made some cards today, a quick decision, just black wool with multi coloured silk cap material on top. Some nice effects I think:

Saturday, 17 December 2011

wouldn't do it again...

.... trying to felt such a big piece in one piece

adding more to the length
and more

and more

now I tried to full it

finally put it in the bucket and used my feet

after rinsing

after rinsing and spinning in the washing machine

now it is very visible how bad it turned out.
By mistake I used  different wool, the top was done
in nice gotland and the bottom in crossbred

well thats how it has to be cut anyway, so I might be able to rescue it

Sunday, 11 December 2011

working on the background

I have started working on the background piece today. It has to be done in stages because the table is not big enough - well who has a 4m table anyway!

First part is felted, I left it open on 2 sides to add more

Then I rolled it up

and layed out more wool waiting to be worked on now.

Of course there is no turning possible, so it is a process of wetting, surface felting and 'massaging', quite terapeutic, though I could imagine, a sander would come handy. I never worked with a sander on felt, the combination of water and electricity is not really to my taste.
It will need adding another piece for the width and then the same procedure to get the right length. Once this is all done and fulled, I will need less space. Lots of flowers and leaves and strings have to be done, embroidered/beaded and then attached to the background.

Friday, 9 December 2011

go ahead!

Got the go ahead for the commission piece today including an installment for material. I am happy to start now to do some proper work, it was a lot of planning and investigating the last time. I love to do a big piece, will probably use my big living room window for hanging it temporarily once I have finished the background to place all the flowers and leaves and vines I am going to make. Well the whole house is a workshop anyway - thank you Alex for your patience :)