Saturday, 30 August 2014

Last winter weekend

Heavy rain outside on our last winter weekend. I haven't posted anything for a long time. The winter has been not as easy this time, full of illness and dark days though lots of things have happened. It seems the whole world has some sort of turned upside down. So many bad things are happening all over the world, wars, natural disasters, which can make one worry. So it is good to be in here, sitting at the fire and listening to the rain drumming on the tin roof.
I have slowly started to work again on some small things, some chocolates, some floating pauas, slippers, a poppy bag, haven't figured out yet how to attach photos here on the tablet properly. Today I finished a fairy, I think I'd better call her fairy, because she has a lot of green and I am still thinking about to make her a flower hat.
I am making all this things because we will have here in town on Labour Weekend end of October the first Art Trail KOAST, which will hopefully be an annual event, and I am part of it.
In October starts also a new Saturday Market here in town for growers and artisans and I will try my luck there.
So it will be an exciting spring !