Tuesday, 23 November 2010

eco dyeing

A while ago I collected some lichen, which was just dropped from trees after a storm.

Today I boiled a small amount and dyed a habotai and a chiffon scarf. The habotai was just added to the simmering lichen

This white thing in the pot is a scarf with wet lichen on wrapped in plastic. I just added it to the pot to heat it a bit and it is now outside in the garden and I will just let it rest for some days. I wonder if I should remove the plastic.....


The colour is not very visible on the white chair, it looks brighter in reality, but maybe I should have used more lichen or left it longer in the pot. Well that is something to try out.

For the chiffon scarf I used a cd as resist

I am happy about the result and I am thinking about to alter it a bit, maybe do some sort of print inside the white circles. I might go for a walk to collect some gum leaves.

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