Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I grew up in a small town in northern Bavaria, Germany. I hated knitting at school, it was a pain and my mother always had to finish my things. That has changed during my first pregnancy and this bug has never left me but is growing and growing.
I learned spinning mid 80s and also started to dye wool with natural colours mainly using leaves which I found in my garden. At this time we started to have stalls at markets with the wool and also lots of wonderful things made of the then very new recycling paper. I wove my first scarves on a very simple childrens loom and knitted socks and 'over nappies'.
Life has changed a lot in the new millenium. I am living now in New Zealand and this new environment is so inspiring that the old flame of passion to fibre and colour, which got a bit tired during the busy years before, burns lighter than ever.
We have a very busy group (creative fibres) of ladies here in town, which made me very welcome and I learned a lot of new skills and I am learning every day more.
Now my days are filled with dyeing wool and silk, spinning, weaving and felting. I like to paint too, just don't have much time at the moment for it. 
I am happy to be a member of our local Art and Craft Collective Origin and I sell my things there under the label colorworx.

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