Thursday, 16 June 2011

another month

has gone, a very busy month, with the Creative Fibre Exhibition in town and Origins 30th anniversary celebration.
I have finally finished all commission work, which was a bit a nightmare. It didn't let me time to do 'real' things. Not sure if I want to do commissions again.
We finally made the decision not to go to Europe this year. Alex is on the waiting list for full hip replacement now, fingers crossed that it doesn't take too long.
Lots of arguments in the co-op about  the future which is not very nice. It makes me think to do my own thing in future. I don't want to compromise on quality for the sake of sales. This is not the main reason, what really makes me ill is all this 'bitchiness', smiling in ones face and cut the throat from the back.
I spend a lovely morning with my granddaughter down the basin. A clear sunny winter morning, well not winter in european sense. It is green here, just some trees have lost their leaves which shows the interesting bodies. The camellias are flowering, some of the lillies are already out, lots of paper whites are around and the magnolias show big flower buds. Lots of chickens were at the basin and all 6 geese came rushing along in case I might have some food. Sorry guys I forgot to take some bread with me, next time.
No photos today, I am too tired and will go to bed now.
A happy day to all the people on the other side of the world

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