Saturday, 10 March 2012

What to do next?

I have decided, I will try out the knitting machines I've inherited.  I own  already a Brother 860 punch card machine with ribber and in the garage are stored at the moment a singer electronic machine with ribber, and a singer punch card machine, to which the ribber can be attached to and also a bulky8 with ribber. I didn't know that the bulky8 could have a ribber, so I am looking forward to get the machine into the house. Dagmar has lent me her bulky8 for some time and it is easy to use, just that our clima here is not really suitable for chunky clothing. I will give it a go anyway. And I wonder if the electronic machine is still working, that would be wonderful! I am always up to a challenge and I am pretty sure these machines will challenge me a lot!
But before I can start, I have to tidy up my work space, which is in fact the dining area of my living room. So many finished things are still left from the time when I was an Origin member, they have all to be stored in boxes - yes right, I need to put some of it on etsy or felt, just don't have much hope it will sell, times have changed. And there are also still lots of rovings left, which need to be stored in containers as well. Once this is done, I can put up the machines.
I am not planning to use the knitting machines for producing stuff for sale, I rather make myself something different. And as I said I like challenges. I wouldn't mind to get another big commission, lol who wouldn't ;)
And I need to organize my painting gear. I am planning to join the Artcraft Society again and attend the Monday painting group. That will be a nice change, I haven't painted on paper or canvas for some years and they also have now some tutors there for lessons. I am looking forward to this!
Well better get going and tidy up!

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