Saturday, 11 August 2012

working on roses

I made rose petals a long time ago. Now that I bought some pink dye at Wollknoll on Wednesday I finally dyed the petals today and started working on the roses.

pink dye powder dissolved in hot water with some vinegar
in the little bucket are the wet withe petals
I dipped only the outside into the dye

then placed it on cling film in several layers, all with
more plastic between and fixed it in the microwave

a second batch with slightly darker pink
also wrapped in cling film and fixed in the micro wave

then assembled in 3 or 4 layers stitched together with some golden seed beads
dark and light mixed

in every layer a cut and twisted
added some leaves
Almost finished, still needs some more shaping and fulling

1 comment:

  1. Великолепная работа !!! Очень интересно и красиво сделано.