Saturday, 20 October 2012


The first wallhanging is now finally finished.

I fixed some too loose hanging petals and I sew cotton fabric as backing on, which makes it look tidier.
I quite like how it hangs at the moment with the light coming through the background, but eventually it will just hang at a wall.

it is fixed with velcro to a board and can be taken off

overhanging leaves at the sides and bottom

A blank canvas/felt now for the next one!

you can see that I cut wrong first and had to fix it,
but that will not show up once it is covered 

Beside of this we have already found early bird flights to Germany next year. It sounds very odd, I know, we just came back. But it was such a good deal! Now it is blocked for another week until we have to pay it. Still making my mind up if I can bear to go knowing that son and his partner are not very pleased about us coming again. And the need for housesitters again is not a very nice thought too, but:
looking forward to catch up with friends again, visiting some wonderfull exhibitions hopefully, not to forget our favourite beer gardens will outweigh everything else :)


  1. That is stunning! I hope you won't be away all summer. I'm hoping to come up to visit Monika and I'd love to have a proper look at your work. Rona

    1. We don't have any plans to go away, too much to do at home. Looking forward to catch up :)