Wednesday, 18 September 2013

more than 2 month

have gone since my last post. We were away for 3 month and the posting didn't work well with the tablet, I couldn't upload any photos.
We had a good time over there, met friends and family, saw floodings and had weeks of heat wave with temperatures between 33 and 38 degrees. As usual we had a holiday trip too, this time to 'Luneburger Heath' in the north of Germany. It was a fairly long drive to get there but we had a great time with lots of nature.

We have been to swamps

saw heather and junipers

and visited 2 Hundertwasser buildings

We arrived home 2 weeks ago after a slight dramatic flight with a medical emergency for Alex. Luckily he is fine now and startet working in the garden. Though I am still listening in the night when I wake up if he is still breathing.....

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