Tuesday, 7 September 2010

one week left

Just one week left until we return to New Zealand. I am starting to organize things to take home and so I don't have much time for felting. The weather is too bad anyway so I can only do small things inside.
I am knitting a scarf which I want to felt very light after finishing

The colours are not good in this photo, I will take another photo tomorrow at daylight and that will hopefully show the true colours. The yarn looks a bit like Noro, but it is a cheapy from Rellana.

And I have started to crochet a top, to have some work during the long plane trip. They don't allow knitting needles anymore on the plane but crochet hooks, so that will keep me entertained.

The material is a mix of acrylic and cotton and it is really nice to work with.
I am still waiting for the book of India Flint which I ordered. I hope it will arrive in time that I can take it with me. I am looking forward to do some experiments with NZ plants. I have done lots of natural dyeing here in Neunkirchen many years ago. Now I want to try other plants. Some years ago, I tried the tradescantia ( wandering willy, a true pest in NZ) and it produced a nice creamy colour:

On the right side is the undyed yarn and left is the dyed yarn. I have some old pamphlets about dyeing with Nz plants, so I will give it a go.

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