Thursday, 28 October 2010


I have been lazy recently writing here, but busy with all sorts of other things. Finally I finished yesterday the things to put in our 5th Art in the Garden on the weekend. The floating paua was more difficult than I thought. To felt around the shells was a bit tricky and finally I used some PVA to be sure that it doesn't fall off.

I will take better photos once it is hanging in the Garden. While I was working on this I got so frustrated by the behaving of the wool, that I suddenly realized, the wool would be so much better for a cobweb scarf and  I made a quick decision and did one and I am quite happy about the result. It will definitely get a small paua shell as a clasp or so and I will call it mermaid's wrap

In a spontanious moment I made another hanging for the exhibition, which I call just rainbow. Here it is drying in the shower

This afternoon we (all members of the coop) will meet for a little working bee. I am still waiting for my granddaughter right now. She decided to have a nice long sleep at home and daddy had time, so she will come later today. I will take her with  me to Origin. She can have fun with all the aunties and grannies there ;)

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