Sunday, 3 October 2010


Now we are back in Kerikeri for 2 weeks, and I worked in the shop already 3 times. I like the new layout, it is so light and spacy.

We have a wonderful textile exhibition of Agnes Hauptli at the moment, she is such an amazing weaver!

Beside of all this inspiration, I still feel quite exhausted and a bit blocked, so I decided to do an online felting workshop with lots of challanges to get me going again.
And I am still reading India Flints book, already thinking about which kinds of plants I have in the garden which may be used for dyeing. I did a lot of plant dyeing in the 80s in Germany, mainly with all sorts of leaves. Now I will explore what my garden offers. We have so many impatiens, they grow like weed here and need ongoing removing. And then all the Nz natives! I guess inkweed is worth a try like the name says.  Unfortunately I don't have gumtrees, but here in Kerikeri are still some around, and I can collect fallen branches with leaves. Its sad to see a lot of the old shelter belts beeing removed including the orchards behind them to make space for new subdivision.


  1. Looking forward to your dyed treasures!
    Have lots of fun with it!

  2. I hope to get started next week once this coming exhibition on the weekend is over