Saturday, 6 August 2011

Felting Workshop with Angela Meecham

I spent two great days at a Felting Workshop with Angela Meecham in Kamo.
We had to leave Kerikeri very early 7.30am  to be there in time but it was well worth it. We tried out all sorts of fibres and fabrics for surface texture. It is amazing how it behaves some times.  This is a sample I made

I like very much the cotton gauze bottom left, but it was also amazing how the silver fabric in the middle turned out. My favourite is a piece of red organza which crinkled only in one direction, what a surprise! Bottom right is a piece of cheap fabric from the $2 shop, when the sun shines on it, it sparkles wonderful.

And then I tried some of the fabrics again on a white background and that is such a difference

It looses a lot in the white background, which shows, what an advantage black as background gives.

Angela also showed us dyeing in the microwave, especially overdyeing of colours.  I have to use this much more. Sometimes I have a boring coloured yarn or sliver, which I don't like anymore, well overdye it!

On the second day in the afternoon Angela showed us how to make a sculpted hat, that was fun!! Look at Anita, what a stunning hat!

We had two great days, very cold in the morning, but brilliant sunshine so that we could sit outside for lunch in the sun surrounded by the bowling green and flowering trees

The wet samples dried quickly on the concrete in the sun

and in the end of the second afternoon we had such a variety to look at

Thank you Angela for so much inspiration  :)

And here is the link for all the photos  if one of you wants to see more

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  1. I love the sample you did in the first photo it looks amazing !