Sunday, 7 August 2011

Shibori scarf for Exhibition in Hamilton

At our Creative Fibre meeting last Monday the other ladies convinced me to put something in the National Exhibition in Hamilton 8th-11th of September.
Of course deadline for sending the entry form is already tomorrow 8th of August and the parcels have to arrive between 11th and 16th of August. So I was a bit in a rush what to do and decided for an easy shibory style scarf.
I used white polwarth tops and glass marbles and polystyrone balls.

I made this already on Monday/Tuesday but it still needed dyeing.
Well I was away the rest of the week for 2 days workshop and on Friday my usual day in the shop. Yesterday I had just a lazy day with not much doing, just a bit of spinning. But today I finally got the dyeing done

I used the technique Angela Meecham showed us:
I put warm water in a big container, just big enough to fit in the microwave. I added a hint of turquoise and mixed it and added some vinegar. Then I put the dry scarf in. She said it is better not to presoak the things, then it takes the colour better. When the fibre is already wet, it is already 'occupied' and it is much harder for the dye to bond. Then I added gradually different colours to the water by just making a bit space on the edge by pushing the scarf back and then adding the dye. The bubbles were treated last.
I am quite happy how it looks after the setting in the microwave. Now it needs to be fully dried before I will remove the marbles and the polystyrone balls.
Can't wait to see the result!

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  1. I made some weeks ago similar experiment, but I cut tops of bubbles...and dyed in oven, in sea colours...It's great and funny work with it!