Thursday, 20 October 2011

Auckland Trip

We went on Tuesday to Auckland for the opening of the exhibition Reflexions of Aotearoa at the Lake House Arts Centre where some of my work was included. It is such a lovely place! Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera, so I have only taken a photo with the cellphone of the walldisplay which included some of my work

It is nice to have such a great outlet for my work!

The next day we celebrated the birthday of Alex brother with a nice lunch and in the afternoon we took off to the Auckland Art Gallery. The new display is so great! I wanted to see the collection which were gifted by Julian Robertson and is on display until end of October. Real Piccassos and Matisse and and and.....

This giant flowers hang at the entrance and they open and close

The drive home this afternoon was really pleasant, lots of sunshine and we stopped at Jack Morgan Museum in Hukerenui. The display there is great and tells the story of the pioneer spirit.

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