Monday, 31 October 2011

back to weaving

Now that I am not a co-op member anymore I can finally not only paint but also weave again. It is very embarrassing, I still have a project from a workshop 2 years ago on the loom and now I am struggling to remember how it was done.
If've got all the notes just need to find out where I stopped, will take me a bit.....

I managed on the weekend to update my website a bit and this morning I sent enquires to some galleries if they would take on my work. Well let's what'll happen.
Last weekend at the market I did together with my friend Suse a guy offered us all his wife's knitting machines including yarn for free, just need to pick them up. She was a professional knitter, but after a stroke cannot work anymore. There is even an electronic machine included, very tempting. I just need to find a way to pick it up. I better don't mention my storage problem.......
Next weekend is Heritage Day at the Lake House Art Centre. They have asked if I would join the market, but I am not sure. I would need to get a light table and an easy to assemble gazebo to manage this. Not sure if it is worth the hassle. Though it would be fun to go to the Heritage Day

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