Thursday, 19 January 2012

and more flowers....

I am steadily working day by day making more flowers and leaves and I have also started to do some stitching, very simple, just adding some beads.

they are little single flowers sewn on to a 'dreadlock'
together with a purple/copper bead in the middle
I might do some more of the little ones to ad more to
every strand

Long garlands with 'morning glory' flowers and leaves,
a terrible weed here, which grows massive

detail- I made the leaves heart-shaped,
but when we were driving today I had a closer look,
and they are actually in 3 pieces. Nevermind, they are
only symbolic anyway :)

the bell-shaped bead in the centre

blue on blue doesn't really work.....
I think it is soon time to hang the backing piece, so that I can start putting the flowers on.

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