Wednesday, 4 January 2012

flowers and leaves and more flowers

After finishing the background felt piece for the wallhanging I am building up stock for the design. I already made a lot of leaves and flower stalks end of the year and then I ran out of green wool. So I had to dye  and also some yellow and red

Today I made some more big stalks for lilies and hibiscus and also some smaller ones and finished a lot of them as flowers

today's work 
the things I made end of last year

that's all what I have at the moment for the wallhanging
It's only  a percentage of what I will need for the wallhanging, but if I can carry on working every day some hours, then I will get there. The goal is latest end of January to have enough flowers and leaves to start decorating the panel. That should give me enough time for some additional work, stitching, beading whatever. It has to be finished until beginning of March.


  1. With such good conditions I think you don´t have any choise, except to make it :) - your "fabrik" looks already very professional and interesting. So best regards Senna