Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Finally made some progress with the wallhanging. It is so humid at the moment, not really a good time to work with wool, but it has to be finished next week.
Struggling with all the things to do at the moment with Alex going to hospital tomorrow for his hip replacement surgery. I still need to change some things in the house, reorganising, taking things out of the way for when he is back, that he can easy manoevre with crotches. Need to change the bed, has to be raised and we have to swap sides. Will take over feeding of the birds of course and drive daily to Whangarei for a visit. Don't really know how to manage all this, but a good German saying is What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. We've got firewood yesterday unexpectedly which needs to be carried a bit further under the carport, but that has to wait until the wallhanging is gone, I hope it will not rain too much. The same applies to mowing the lawns. Anyway lots of time left before the winter to dry again.
Quite an emotional day today with the anniversary of the earthquake last year and Alex going to the same hospital tomorrow where my late husband spend his last weeks 10 years ago. Well let's refer to the German saying again... ;)

I think the wallhanging starts to look good, it is only pinned at the moment, but I must start sewing it on and cannot try out and change forever. I like the look of the monstera leaves from the distance, not so much the close-up, I guess I am too critical as usual. There are still lots of flowers to go on of course, that is just a small impression how it might look. But I used up all the leaves I've got beside of the lily leaves which will be put on together with the flowers and I think it might be enough, so no need to make more leaves !!
Now off to hoover the house before Storm comes, to get rid of any pin needles which might have fallen onto the carpet.

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