Tuesday, 14 February 2012

still waiting for the wool and dye....

I ordered last Thursday some more wool and yellow dye because I need to make more bigger flowers and leaves. My customer ist quite happy about the progress, but she wants now the whole background filled including huge leaves (abessinian banana, monstera deliciosa) and some very big flowers in bright colours not only red. Unfortunately it still hasn't arrived, so I drove today to see Christine at Naturally Alpacas and bought there a small pot of yellow dye and also green. Later the asford distributor rang, that the parcel is now on the way ( we have Tuesday!), but she had only a small pot of yellow dye and not the full amount of wool I wanted.
So I made some banana leaves in white to dye them later. I used the whole table for one leave

and made 3 leaves. With the last one I was a bit in a rush and wasn't careful when turning it over, so it has some thin patches/holes. I can fix them later. This huge project made me less fussy about things. I never used thread and sewing needle for my feltings, but now I do and I also cut things which I never used to do. It shortens the process and I have no time to waste. The wallhanging has to be finished until End of the month.
Here is a photo of some more flowers I made, they are drying at the moment

I also managed finally to reach the lady from the Lakehouse in Takapuna, where I have a lot of my work. I emailed her so often and never got a reply. She hardly remembered me, just said, yes she has received my emails and yes she will send my work back and was asking for name and address. Not very well organized! When I was there she typed everything in the computer and now she says she needs my details. I wonder if I will get everything back, though I should, because I never received any cheque.
The sales at the Kura Gallery also didn't happen and the lady has sent my work back. I should not make any more felted things, the house is already full with all the leftovers from the time I was an Origin member. Should look for an old freezer to store all the things that the moths cannot eat them.
Anyway this is now the time to do only the things I love doing, no need to work for sales beside of the wallhanging, because nothing sells at the moment.
When this is finished I will get my painting gear out again, haven't painted for years! And I will have a play with the knitting machines.
But at the moment, I am still waiting for the delivery.......

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