Thursday, 30 May 2013

2 days to go until we leave for our winter/summer break

The last days before we leave are always very busy. And to send off the work to the 40th Annual Exhibition of Riversdale Arts didn't make it easier. But finally today I brought everything to the post office. To pack the wall hangings was a bit tricky. In the end I used double sheets and sewed bags for each wallhanging and rolled them up around the board for hanging.

inside of the bag

rolled up

and closed with saftey pins - I should have sewn in some ties!
Then each parcel was wrapped first in bubble wrap and finally in packing paper. I intended to pack them all together, but with checking the ratefinder of the nzpost website I found out, that the dimensions would have been to big. So I ended up with 3 rolled up parcels and a box with other things for the gift shop. I forgot to take photos before they went.
I so hope, that they will sell at least as much as the postage was!

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