Saturday, 4 May 2013

Another wallhanging

My next wallhanging is taking shape

The long garland with the thunbergia flowers is finished

I draped it on the felted background which was also freemotion embroidered by my daughter Monika Kern.

The garlands with the morning glory flowers is drying at the moment

It still needs the leaves attached which I made earlier on. It will be dry tomorrow morning, I am sure, so that I can sew them on. I have the dehumidifier going already because of a machine load of washing, which I couldn't hang outside today. We had heavy rain all night, then thunderstorms in the morning for hours and then rain again after a short break. Thats very unusual here to have thunderstorms and for so long. Gave me a feeling like in Germany when the sky rocks all day sometimes.
I haven't decided yet, if  the wallhanging will need some bigger leaves in the background, ferns or monstera, lets see how it looks when everything is arranged on.
Only 4 weeks left until we fly to Germany again. Housesitters are organized (fingers crossed!), the final tidying up and cleaning will be done just some days before we leave. There is still to buy all the needed petfood, luckily I have enough fleatreatment for the cat already. The mail will be looked after by my daughter Andrea, which is living close. The flight to Auckland is booked and the ticket to Germany. We don't need accomodation this time in Auckland, because the flight leaves after lunch. It will be very awkward for my son to pick us up, on a Monday morning 6am!
I still want to do some more things for the exhibition I am invited to. But if it doesn't work out, its not the end of the world. I have to send 3 wallhangings and some smaller things already. Would be nice to sell something, but that is hard with fibrework. I am happy to be invited anyway :)

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