Thursday, 4 September 2014


and it is still raining, but we had a great day on Monday, a true spring day!
Another 6 weeks and the new Saturday market here in Kerikeri starts. I have handed in my registration today and I am looking forward to meet many people there.
The new Filzfun magazine has arrived too with lots of inspiration. It is always great to see all the wonderful work people have done. I love the inspiration!
I have finished the 3 fairies I was working on.

Yesterday I prepared parts for some more felted Pauas. That is always a bit tricky, because it is not so easy to get it attached to the shell. I felt the rope for hanging first and also the bottom bits, but leave one end unfelted.

the shell is already a piece of art

the outer layer is already wearing off here, it would look great polished!

The longer rope is for hanging and the 3 smaller ones will be decoration for the bottom
Then I wrap the unfelted wool around the shell and add gradually some more, adding water and soap and gently rub it, until it starts to felt.

It is a very slow process, because it needs to be handled very gently and soft, it tends to slip on the shell. Every time when I tried to rush, it did not turn out perfect, so it is worth to be patient. And they get better with practice.

And here are 2 examples what to do with them


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