Tuesday, 28 April 2015

less than 5 weeks to go

and then we are off to Germany for 3 month. These 5 weeks will be filled with lots of work. I want to make lots of flowers for the shop in Queenstown, which sells my flowers. Would be good to have enough supply for the 3 month we will be away.
Alex is preparing the garden with lots of mulch to make it almost maintenance free and today he is cleaning the aviaries. We have 6 rainbow lorikeets, which are nectar eaters and very messy birds, but also 12 budgies in a second part, which throw all the seeds around. And of course a bunch of free range chooks beside of dog and cat.

I hope we'll find a good house sitter who is looking after the animals and keeps the house warm and dry. wouldn't it be great to have every year the same person coming, somebody who wants to spend the winter in the north where it is not freezing cold.
And I've got an invitation to exhibit at the Waitakere Mixed Media Art Display and Competition on the 3rd May weekend. So I'll give my wallhangings a little tidy up and will send them together with some other fibre pictures down. It is always nice to show work and maybe something even sells, that would be a nice outcome. So if anybody is in Auckland 15.-17. May, have a look, I am sure there will be many interesting things to see. Would love to go down myself, but it is short before we go away, so we cannot really afford a weekend away.
Everything artwise got a bit on hold after I stepped in a big needle while rushing to the phone. The needle broke and a big piece stayed in my foot. Of course it was weekend. The x-ray in the following Monday confirmed the situation. After the local GP couldn't manage to get it out, and he didn't want to cut deeper; we had to go to Whangarei Hospital were it finally got removed the day after.

It is quite a big cut with several stitches, so I am still struggling a bit with walking after 2 weeks now. At least my foot fits again in a normal shoe and Girlie the dog is happy to have a walk again.

Looking forward to lots of inspiration in Europe for the next Kerikeri Art Trail October 2015 of course. I want to create some new pieces to show, so let's see what the European sun tells me to do.
But of course I will always have poppies!

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