Saturday, 31 October 2015

Last day of October

A long time has passed since my last post. I had the feeling there is nothing to talk about. In fact, I haven't been very well for a long time. I realize now after I threw out the cholesterol lowering medication how much I was limited by that. Slowly I start to think clearly again and I get some motivation back. I am sure the docs will not be pleased about me stopping the medication, but I feel so much better. I know it would be much better to loose some weight too, then I could possibly get rid of the blood pressure medication too...
Enough about that.

We had been to Germany again for 3 month. It is always lovely to see son and partner and all the neighbors and friends. It has been unbelievable hot this year, for weeks we had temperatures in the high 30s. In fact is had been too hot to do much, so we didn't do a major trip while we were there this time. We just enjoyed the garden, the nice food (always too good), long warm evenings and all the availability of things. Alex started a major project in the garden, the makeover of the planting at the deck

and I enjoyed felting together with the new young neighbor

We visited our usual favourite places

and enjoyed a last wonderful evening with the kids

before going on our long trip home

Now we are home almost 2 month, We were busy preparing for last weekends 2nd Art Trail, which was lovely again, more about in the next post.

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