Thursday, 13 January 2011

Eco Print follow up

Remember the eco prints I made in December? Yesterday I finally opened one of the bundles.
This was the layout originally

I did use eucalyptus leaves, flax flowers and kangaroo paw flowers with vinegar as mordant. The silk had already some lichen prints on.

This is the result:

the bundles outside in the sun on an old sheet of corrugated iron

just before opening


strings removed

drying on the washing line

one can see a flax flower left

doesn't really look very impressive I must admit
dry on a chair

flax flower print

flax flower (bottom) and kangaroo paw (top)

silverdollar gum leave, hardly visible

silverdollar gum (top) kangaroo paw (middle) flax flower (bottom)

I have mixed feelings about the result. It is great to see the flower prints but I am disappointed about the eucalyptus. Maybe the leaves were too dry? Or I should have left it longer? Or use a different mordant?
Nevermind, it is all a learning process. I am not sure yet, if I will leave it how it is, or if I will add more prints. I will try out some plants, maybe I can achive slightly different colours.
I put the used silverdollargum leaves in a container with water, closed it and left it outside in the sun, just for soaking. I will have a look in some time, if there has anymore colour appeared.
I will leave the second bundle for another month. Let's see, what appears on it then.

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