Monday, 31 January 2011

washing wool and more

What a busy Monday!
I started dyeing this morning. I felted 3 white scarves yesterday and wrapped some marbles in again shibori style. I dyed them separately today, each in only a minimum amount of water with dye powder sprinkled on. Now they hang under the carport for drying

It took quite a while until they were all finished, so I used the time between to dye some silk scarves. The results are not 100% what I wanted, I like the pinkish one and the red/orange. With the others I am not sure at the moment, I might add a bit more colour.

Then I took another fleece out to wash

first sorting out the good and not so good bits

nice lamb locks

soaking in hot water with dishwash liquid

after spinning in the washing machine drying

not abolutely clean but a big part of grease and sand has been removed

Here is another scarf I made some days ago, it is just grey gotland wool and and in the center some white polwarth. I am not really happy about, it looks a bit boring I think it needs something, I have to think about....

Between all of this I got 3 loads of washing done, already folded and we also went for a little cruise around our favourite beaches. It was such a nice sunny day and we had yummy chips at the matauri bay top shop. I collected some pebbles at Mahinepua, I am thinking about to combine some with felt.
But before, I want to finish the little dress for Storm I started on the knitting machine....
I guess that will keep me entertained tonight

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