Tuesday, 4 January 2011

felted jewellery and more

For our library window display next week we chose as theme 'beach'. I will put in the felted paua shell hanging I made for Art in the Garden:

and I will also put in the felted jewellery I finished today. I made a necklace with earrings.

And I had something else in mind: I thought about a 'beach piece' where  I combine driftwood with shibori felt. The idea was good I think, still I have to practise more:

Layout of the wool with some needle felting to fix it a bit. 

wrapping some glas pebbles in

still dry but wrapping finished
Then I carefully started to felt it. It looked good, but I forgot to take a photo. Unfortuately I decided then to finish it in the washing machine and this was too much:

The driftwood broken 

and everything too much fulled
Not good enough for the window display but still looking nice hanging at our deck.
The broken driftwood has been replaced by a different one.

Together with this piece I put in the washing machine an old lace scarf, which I partly covered on one side with white polwarth wool. After finishing off by throwing a lot it looks really nice, its drying now:

Now I will just watch the news doing a bit crochet.


  1. liebe ilse,

    dein filzwerk für den garten gefällt mir besonders gut!!! grün in grün..... es ist auch ganz toll photografiert!!!

    liebe grüsse aus der schweiz,
    monica/ filz-t-raum.ch

  2. dankeschön liebe monica
    ich liebe pauas, manchmal finden wir kleine beim strandspaziergang, sie tauchen immer wieder in meinen sachen auf
    liebe grüße