Saturday, 5 May 2012

Buena Vista Social Club

was the movie I just finished watching on Maori Channel. A great movie, which I have seen before of course and which always brings me back lots of memories. I do love cuban music and I love the spanish language. Not much is left of the language now, I am glad, that I still can remember some phrases. Before circumstances drew our focus to New Zealand, we planned to retire at the Canarian Islands and were looking for a property at El Hierro. So long ago, the last time I was there was 1996. I would love to go there again to show Alex the extremes of this island.
It was in June 2000 that Ruben Gonzalez and Ibrahim Ferrer played open-air in the 'Dresdener Zwinger', I will never forget that. My late husband and I spent since 1992 every year some days in Dresden during the music festival until 2001. The year 2000 had the theme Baroque and Jazz, an interesting combination. I love Baroque music, Jazz is always a bit challenging. To listen to the music now in this movie and to see again the people, most of them will be long gone now, made me realize how much I love music and how much of it I lost the last 10 years. Life was just to busy with other things, time to return to listen to more music again, definitely.

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