Sunday, 13 May 2012


My friend Dagmar gave me a nice blue dress last November. She is making them:  not only is she sewing it but also dyeing the silk.
it is a long dress and it was hanging in the wardrobe for some  time
I made a little top to go with. I dyed silk chiffon green and wool in a matching blue.
I kept it very light for summer

it is only a rectangle with a hole in the middle for the neck

After felting I discovered some small holes in the front. They looked like there has been a tag attached before. I was so disappointed and the top ended up in my UFO basket.
I remembered it when I packed my stuff for last week's felters meeting and took it with me. The subject of the day was making a similar top, so I used the moment and finally felted some flowers over the holes. They are done by putting a layer of wool on the silk, then a resist on top with a hole in the middle, and then I made the normal flower I usually do, so that everything was already attached to the fabric, but the flower is still in 3 D.

The mannequin is a size 8, so it looks a bit funny - I am a big girl ;)
and yes that's our firewood in the background left, not stacked

the impatiens in the background are considered a weed!

Yesterday I put a little green glass bead in the middle of each flower, not sure if I should have used a different colour....
would white have been better?

I think I will only attach some ties at the side and not make a seam.

I will felt blue ties and sew them on

I am looking forward to take it with me to Germany and hopefully I find an opportunity to wear it.

Anita did at the felters meeting a children's top with cheese cloth in a similar style, I think I could do something similar for Storm?

Well I'll better finish now, we are going to see friends in Waimamaku!

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